How to Quickly and Easily Increase Business by Over 200% and Gain Respect in Your Field by Publishing on Amazon Today!

It used to be that you needed thousands of dollars to publish, but not anymore.

In these competitive times, it pays to set yourself apart. Whether you are a plumber or a lawyer, you gain prestige and interest if you have authored your own book.
In this class you will learn:

  • How to get your own ISBN number and why it is important;
  • Step by step instructions on how to publish your book with Amazon’s Print on
    Demand Service;
  • Basic advice on book jacket design and layout (Where most self publishers fall short);
  • How to use your status as a published author to get clients or customers

If you have an expertise and want to create a huge tangible advantage over your competitors, this class is for you!

Contact to set up a private class for your group.

Length of Seminar varies depending on your group’s needs.